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Floor Grinding & Sanding Services

Epoxy floors create a durable, impermeable surface that's harder than the concrete or wood substrate, but it doesn't last forever. You can recoat an epoxy finish that has lost its sheen or otherwise been damaged, but you have to properly prepare it or the new epoxy won't adhere. Improper surface preparation could turn what seems to be a simple process into a lengthy difficult repair.

Don't recoat a finish that is peeling or extensively cracked, because the new finish won't adhere properly. Strip the old finish.

Depending on the condition of the floor, we use a degreaser or etching solution to remove any grease or cleaning agent residue that has built up over time. We then use our grinders with a screening attachment and 80-grit sanding screen to remove any flaking material, dirt and debris. We may also use a floor grinder or hand grinder to take care of problem areas.

By sanding the epoxy floors, it allows the new coating to properly adhere to a rough and clean surface for maximum adhesion and durability.

Epoxy Floor Sanding For Recoating Example