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At Surface Preparation Center, we offer our customers patching & repair services. Our floor restoration repair services include:

Patching & Repairing Information

In spite of the concrete finisher's best efforts, sometimes the finished product has significant imperfections. Even a carpet laid on a pad or vinyl flooring cannot be expected to cover up every flaw, so repairing a slab is the best choice for correcting the problem.

If you have an old slab, you might have damage from abuse over the years and need to be repaired to restore the life of the concrete and prevent any more damage to the problem areas.

We repair all the defects with patching compounds, self leveling sealants or by flood coating the areas with a 100% solids epoxy coating that will self level all minor imperfections. After patching the concrete, we sand down the areas that leaves a smooth and even surface.

If you do not patch or repair the concrete areas, you will still see all the imperfections if you choose to put on a thin-mil coating. Patching and repairing a surface allows the coatings to look like a flawless and seamless surface that is smooth and even.

Patching & Repairs Cracks In A Concrete Slab

Patching & Repair Coverage Area:

Michigan • Ohio • Indiana • Illinois • Wisconsin

Patching & Repair Coverage Area Map