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Welcome to the Concrete Surface Preparation Center

This Network hub offers services in shotblasting, grinding, scarification & concrete floor surface preparation. We have a huge network of contractors and applicators at our disposal to make sure you get the expertise you need. We also sell shotblasters, grinders and replacement parts for BW Mfg Machines, Kut-Rite Machines, Onfloor Machines, Metabo, and more. Contact us for additional info.

About the Concrete Surface Preparation Center

Our Mechanical Preparation & Floor Coating Services

Methods such as Shot Blasting, Scarifying, Diamond Grinding are examples of effective means of mechanical surface preparation. Below is a brief summary of these methods with features, benefits and limitations. These examples are normally the primary choice of professional contractors:

Concrete grinding is a generic term describing several types of services. Each service utilizes a different type of machine, process and abrasives to accomplish the task. Depending on the desired result, the different services each have their own advantages and disadvantages. You can click on any of the terms listed below to see how each process works.

Floor Preparation & Floor Coating Installation Coverage Area:

Michigan • Ohio • Indiana • Illinois • Wisconsin

Floor Preperation & Floor Coating Installation Coverage Area Map Image

We Are Proud To List Some Of The Clients Serviced in Our Network: